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Electrical Utilities Compliance Coordinator

Richland, WA · Government/Military
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REFERENCE # 09/20-005
CLOSING DATE: 09/23/2020

 EU requires a full-time Subcontractor to coordinate and ensuring MSA-EU’s reliability and compliance ongoing implementation of the NERC Standards Compliance. We need an emphasis on transmission and planning standards through sound technical engineering practices, professional judgment and collaborative efforts with EU Compliance Process Owners and Subject Matter Experts. EU coordinator must be responsible for developing, managing, and promoting continuous compliance process improvement solutions to assure strict compliance with all National and Regional Standards.
Due to the required experience of the Subcontractor in the aforementioned, this person will also provide EU with senior-level engineering SME support.
WECC NERC Compliance Coordinator
  • Lead and implement compliance process solutions to ensure continuous compliance assurance.
  • Review and analyze NERC and WECC Standard language, guidance documents, and published research documentation, both in effect and proposed, for applicability and impact.
  • Prepare and provide impact assessments on changes in national and regional standards including identification of both economic and labor resource needs to maintain compliance with standards pending future implementation.
  • Work closely with Process Owners and Subject Matter Experts to ensure a consistent and uniform understanding of applicability of Standard language.
  • Develop and deliver technical opinions within the NERC Standards Development Process to ensure both the ability to comply with proposed Standard language as well as to derive clarity in interpretation of application of requirements.
  • Review and track Bulk Electric System configuration (engineering drawings) and Protection System elements within MSA’s infrastructure to track and confirm evidence of compliance with National and Regional requirements.
  • Evaluates, Reviews and Confirms that evidence of compliance is complete.
  • Develop, monitor and administer compliance related business processes, policies, procedures, and standards for EU to ensure strict compliance with NERC and WECC Standards.
  • Specifically, serve as a technical resource for compliance administration of assigned NERC “Reliability Standard Audit Worksheets and Requirements.” EU is providing support for DOE in order to comply with these and other standards, preventing fines and legal issues.
  • Promote a positive image of reliability and compliance using interpersonal communication skills to resolve issues arising from implementation of the reliability compliance program at EU.
  • Provide policy and strategic guidance to the Manager of Reliability Policy and Compliance concerning the operation and implementation of the Reliability Compliance Program at EU.
  • Participate and represent EU in Regional and National Reliability Compliance tasks and provide timely analysis on issues that may favorably or adversely affect EU operations and ability to comply, as well as identify point of engagement where EU’s issues can be incorporated and addressed in the ongoing stream of new and revised Standards.
  • Provide technical backup for the EU Program Manager, Reliability and Compliance Specialist, and Reliability Compliance Internal Auditor as required.
  • Develop and report on measurements of success reflecting Reliability and Compliance operational goals.
  • Work with EU Compliance Organization and other areas of EU to prepare for regulatory audits.
  • Assist with dry run audits to help prepare the subject matter experts for future audits.
  • Work with Compliance Organization to ensure that supporting evidential NERC-related documentation is completed on time, retained, and filed in appropriate locations and format.
  • Work in SigmaFlow, EU’s WECC NERC compliance software, updating and developing the necessary documentation and evidence, to successfully pass audits, as well as providing management reporting.
  • U. S. Citizen.
  • Demonstrated skill sets from three (3) or more years of experience in electrical protection system design or maintenance, combined with in-depth experience fulfilling compliance to NERC standards.
  • Understands generator systems, power plant auxiliaries, or similar industrial facilities.
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience of compliance related tasks associated with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC).
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) and National Fire Protection Association section 70E (NFPA 70E).
  • Detailed knowledge of generators, excitation systems, power plant electrical auxiliary systems, protection system design and maintenance, application of relay settings, and protection coordination principles.
  • Understands the analysis of three-phase electrical power systems, electrical phasors, load flow, sequence components, and the application of relay protection elements and settings.
  • Can develop electrical models for load flow, dynamic performance, short-circuit, and arc flash analysis.
  • Understands maintenance practices and troubleshooting techniques of electrical and protection systems.
  • An understanding of the regulatory structure and requirements of NERC FAC, MOD, and PRC standards.
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Resumes submitted must contain the period of performance dates (MM/YYYY) for each position held.

BNL Technical Services, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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